Borussia Dortmund have agreed long-term contract extensions with youth players Gökdeniz and Göktan Gürpüz.

18-year-old Göktan Gürpüz has been part of coach Mike Tullberg's U19 squad for two years, while Gökdeniz Gürpüz, who is almost three years younger, currently plays for BVB's U17 team under the tutelage of coach Sebastian Geppert. "It rarely happens that two brothers have such outstanding talent. They've been able to develop really well at Borussia Dortmund for five years now, and we are very happy to continue on this path with both lads," says BVB youth director Lars Ricken about the two midfielders.

Göktan Gürpüz will be part of coach Marco Rose's first-team squad next season.