BVB fans raise €73,611 on digital matchday

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Borussia Dortmund’s "Digital Matchday for the Dortmund Gastronomy Sector", which took place yesterday with a fictitious match between BVB and the City of Dortmund, was a huge success. Several thousand participants helped us to raise €73,611. Eighty-six gastronomy businesses that cannot currently operate due to the corona crisis had signed themselves up on GoFundMe with the hashtag #BorussiaVerbindet.

On the “Digital Matchday for the Dortmund Gastronomy Sector”, fans could (virtually) take exactly the same route they would usually take to SIGNAL IDUNA PARK on a BVB matchday. And stop at exactly the same places where they would usually stop. Perhaps to drink an imaginary beer or eat a currywurst and chips with ketchup and mayo. They were asked if possible, to donate a small amount to the gastronomy business in question. The big aim: to help ensure that all the places that serve as a meeting point for fans on a BVB matchday still exist by the time the next one comes around…

When it comes to donations, transparency is extremely important to Borussia Dortmund, GoFundMe and the Dortmund agency WAYS, which implemented the project in no time at all. Hence why all the amounts for the individual gastronomy businesses are listed here.

“We’re delighted and, honestly speaking, genuinely moved by how many people got involved with this initiative and donated a few euro to their favourite establishment. It’s true solidarity, and it’s the emotional mass and volume effect which makes Borussia Dortmund so strong in these difficult times,” declared managing director Carsten Cramer, who added: “After this major success, it may well be that we hold a second digital matchday for the Dortmund gastronomy sector in the coming days. We’re already working intensively on it and will provide the details shortly…”

Don't forget: until then, you can continue to support the gastronomy sector by clicking here.