The final whistle has blown on the 2013/14 season, the honours have been awarded. Once more, Borussia Dortmund had an extraordinary season. Thanks must go to the BVB fans who again showed at the recent German Cup final in Berlin just how much passion and soul oozes out of the Schwarzgelb family – real love, simply.

But there is one subject close to our heart that we just have to get off our chest before the summer break: Nazis and football do not go together! And that goes for BVB football in particular. Borussia is a melting pot of all nationalities and cultures on and off the pitch! And Borussia Dortmund has now produced a film that transmits this crystal-clear message.

With the production of this short film, we at BVB make our position unequivocally clear. We will not tolerate any far-right disposition in our stadium. Everyone who wants to enjoy top quality football is welcome – intimidation and discrimination have no place at our ground. Should anyone have the misguided belief that they can misuse our sport and Borussia Dortmund to spread their inhumane propaganda, then they should be in no doubt: The schwarzgelb family will stand firm against them!

We hope to create a domino effect with the film. Fans, sponsors, spectators and the rest of the league are all called upon to take up the fight against neo-Nazism together. It is the only way we can rid our stadia of such attitudes.