Sporting director Michael Zorc, head coach Lucien Favre, goalscorer Erling Haaland and defender Manuel Akanji all shared their thoughts on the first UEFA Champions League win of the season. Here are the match reactions.

Michael Zorc: "We're satisfied because we won the match. You could tell it wasn't all that easy or simple. There was pressure on our shoulders because we needed to win this game, due to our defeat against Lazio. The team performed well overall, although Zenit St. Petersburg practically parked two buses in front of their goal. Our play was a bit too slow and a bit too central at times. Sometimes you need a penalty. We hardly gave away any chances; that was the same three days ago as well. I know that we're always capable of going up a notch in the second half and we did that today too."

Lucien Favre: "We had to play with intelligence today. It was very, very difficult to score a goal. Nonetheless, we had three good chances in the first half. Then you need to stay patient. Otherwise it can be very dangerous if you get hit on the counter. We couldn't forget to defend and had to play with sense. We did that well. Zenit sat back very deep; we should have been quicker with the ball. In the end, we won 2-0; our performance was rather okay. We did our job."

Erling Haaland: "We had a lot of the ball today; we had to play quick football. We knew that we would get our chances. It was difficult but in the end, we won 2-0 and got three important points. We needed to stay patient. Zenit are a good team; they played really well out there. It was very important for me to get back on the scoresheet. That's good."

Manuel Akanji: "We needed to have a lot of patience and in the end, we got our reward in the form of three points. It was very important to win this match. I don't think it was a case of pressure, more of motivation. We didn't give up and kept attacking them. The final ball didn't always arrive. Then we were awarded a penalty and at the end we got the second goal. It was really difficult today."
Transcribed by Timo Lammert