Giovanni Reyna was one of the standout performers against SCR Altach, initiating many of the attacks from the centre of midfield. On Thursday, he sat down with media representatives for a chat.

Giovanni Reyna on his preferred position:
I do feel slightly more comfortable in the No. 10 role but I can play on the wing too. 

…his potential for improvement:
I'm still learning a lot tactically. There is a very big difference between youth and professional football. Making the right movements and creating space for myself and others is what I still need to learn the most.  

…his season objectives:
Borussia Dortmund is a big club. We have a good team and we know that we can win something. I want to keep working, play as many matches as possible and gradually establish myself as a first-team regular. I learned a lot last season when I was coming on as a substitute, but now I'm ready to take on a bigger role. I'm only 17 and I still have a lot to learn, but I'm ready to make an impact on the team. 

…his role models:
Julian Brandt has played very well in recent seasons. We get on well, and I can learn a lot from him. But I can also take something from other players such as Marco and Jadon. I can incorporate something from all our attacking players into my game. 

…Jude Bellingham:
We're delighted to have him with us. He's a great player, he showed that yesterday. It was a very good debut for him. It's good for me and for him too to have someone in the team who is the same age and speaks English. I'm happy to have him here, and the club is too. 

…Jadon Sancho:
He and Erling will take on a bit more of a senior role, even though they are only 20. But when we younger players need something, we can always ask them and they help us out. Jadon is a great guy who is good to be around. I get on very well with him.
Transcribed by Christina Reinke