After the 6-0 friendly win over SCR Altach, Jude Bellingham was singled out for special praise by head coach Lucien Favre. The new signing was delighted about his first game in Black & Yellow. Here are the match reactions.

Lucien Favre: ''The team in the first half was very young. They played very well, very intelligently - and with a lot of physicality too. We were really strong in the tackle, really good at winning the ball. We could have scored six or seven goals in the first half. The players can combine really well with one another. They can make the difference with their intelligence and the quality of their dribbling and movement. Jude Bellingham played well. He has to play in front of the defence. That's not easy when you're 17. He got forward at the right moments. That's important. He has a sense of when he has to shift his position, and he did a good job in that regard. It's important that we have midfield players who can speed up the tempo and play the final ball.''

Jude Bellingham: ''I'm loving every minute of it. They were great first moments of playing with the lads. I really enjoyed it. The other players are so good, they made it easy for me. They played so well, despite the fact it was our first game back. I'm so happy to be part of this team.''

Jadon Sancho:''I like playing with this special group. We have some extraordinary players now. I'm so happy to be out there on the pitch with them. I was once in their shoes. I know what it feels like to come out of the academy and join the first team. I try to lead them, to show them what's good and what's not good.''

Erling Haaland: ''It was nice to be able to play a few minutes. The performance was solid.'' (cr)