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"Greg has won so many matches for us"

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A blunder by Gregor Kobel paved the way for the defeat in Munich. Captain Marco Reus had some consoling words for the keeper – and some clear ones about the team's display.

Marco Reus (to Sky): "How should I explain it? Everyone saw the goal we conceded. Greg has won so many matches for us. It's bitter. We made a good start. You first need to let the goal we conceded sink in, then we go 2-0 down through a set-piece. Müller shows clever movement. We ultimately lose 4-2 and are two points behind. The way we conducted ourselves in many situations was stupid. We got hit on many counter-attacks – totally atypical. Bayern could have scored even more goals. Many things came together. It's not easy, but we've already caught up more points. We now need to show a reaction in the cup on Wednesday."