As in previous seasons, Borussia Dortmund once again consulted with fan representatives regarding ticketing for the 2023/2024 season. This year, the main task was to find solutions to the economic challenges posed by an inflation rate of almost 7% and significantly increased stadium operating costs without placing too great a burden on ticket holders. The most important information for matchday and season tickets is summarised below.

Season tickets

General information

  • A season ticket bundle will be sent out in the second week of June and will contain all the information for the upcoming 2023/24 season.
  • The period for amending season tickets runs from 5 to 21 June.
  • The season ticket fee will be debited by SEPA direct debit on 28 June 2023.
  • Season tickets will be sent out by the beginning of August.
  • The key message remains the same: unless you wish to make an amendment to your season ticket, you do not need to take any action.

 ''European option'' for the South Stand

  • For the 2023/24 season, BVB will be able to offer all South Stand season ticket holders the option to buy a European package for the first time. Season ticket holders were already able to apply for this online via the ticket shop last month and will find the updated season ticket package listed in the season ticket bundle.
  • If you do not wish to make an amendment, no further action is required.
  • The booking of the European option is subject to the condition that standing is permitted again for the European home matches in the new season. This will very likely be the case.

Selection of ''digital season ticket''

  • Season ticket holders who were in possession of a plastic card last season have until 21 June to log in via the BVB ticket shop and apply for a digital season ticket.
  • Those who choose a digital season ticket will not receive a plastic card.
  • Those who already have a digital season ticket and would like to keep it do not have to do anything.
  • If a plastic season ticket is preferred as before, nothing further needs to be done. In this case, the season ticket will be dispatched free of shipping costs until the beginning of August.
  • If a digital season ticket is chosen, it will also be deposited online in the ticket shop in the My Account area at the beginning of August.
  • Holders of a South Stand season ticket for blocks 11-14 are unfortunately not eligible for a digital season ticket. In these cases, a plastic season ticket will be issued automatically.

 Changes to key data, season ticket package and bank details:

  • Amendments can be made using the customary amendment form (enclosed with the season ticket bundle), which must be returned by letter or email ( by 21 June.
  • There is no season ticket exchange with cash payment option in the BVB FanWelt, therefore a mandate for SEPA direct debit must be issued via the enclosed amendment form if no such mandate has been issued to date.

 Transferring season tickets to a family member (first or second degree):

  • Transfers can only be made between family members (first or second degree). Please use this form.

 Season-ticket prices 2023/24

Together with many stakeholders, including fan representatives, we have again given a lot of thought to price developments. In view of an inflation rate at record levels, which has significantly increased the financial burden on everybody in all walks of life, the aim of the talks was to cushion the challenges of sharply increased costs on the consumer side for all season ticket holders in the best possible way. The simple way would have been to raise the prices for season tickets in line with last year's inflation rate (6.9%), as has been done in previous years. Instead - and despite in some cases considerably higher energy, personnel, service even increased public transport costs for us - we opted for an individual adjustment of the price categories. As a result, the price adjustment in all season ticket categories is below the rate of inflation.

Category Bundesliga Bundesliga + CL
1                   €860.00    1,010.00 
2                   725.00       850.00  
3                   665.00       780.00  
4                   605.00        710.00  
5                   540.00       635.00  
Disabled                   205.00       240.00  
6                   460.00       540.00  
Under 18                   340.00       390.00 
15 / VIP                1,045.00    1,230.00  
Wheelchair                   110.00        130.00  
Standing                   250.00       280.00  
Concession                   160.00       190.00  
Disabled                   115.00       135.00  
Under 14                   105.00       125.00  
Under 16                   145.00       170.00  

For season ticket holders with the "Bundesliga" package, the amount per individual Bundesliga home match is therefore as follows:

Category Individual Bundesliga match
1              €50.59 
2              €42.65 
3              €39.12 
4              €35.59 
5              €31.76 
Disabled              €12.06 
6              €27.06 
Under 18              €20.00 
15 / VIP              €61.47 
Wheelchair                €6.47 
Standing              €14.71 
Concession                €9.41 
Disabled                €6.76 
Under 14                €6.18 
Under 16                €8.53 

For season ticket holders with the "European" or "maximum" package, the amount per individual Bundesliga or Champions League home match is as follows:

Category Individual CL match
1                 €50.00 
2                 €41.67 
3                 €38.33 
4                 €35.00 
5                 €31.67 
Disabled                 €11.67 
6                 €26.67 
under 18                 €16.67 
15 / VIP                 €61.67 
Disabled                   €6.67 
Standing                 €10.00 
Concession                 €10.00 
Disabled                   €6.67 
Under 14                   €6.67 
Under 16                   €8.33 

Matchday tickets

With regard to matchday ticket prices for the new 2023/24 season, the emphasis was also on maintaining affordable categories. Therefore, the price for standing room in the South Stand, in Block 63 and in the guest area in Blocks 8, 60 and 61 was not increased. Likewise, there was no price increase in the categories for people with disabilities. In the cheapest seating category 6, the ticket price was even reduced from €36 to €35.

Matchday tickets for 2023/24 are as follows:

Category Price
1 €70.00 
2 €62.00 
3 €58.00 
4 €55.00 
5 €44.00 
Disabled €14.00 
6 €35.00 
Under 18 €25.00 
Wheelchair €14.00 
Standing €18.50 
Concession €12.00 
Disabled €11.00 
Under 14 €10.00