And it's time for another edition of the new BVB podcast! Whereas Borussia Dortmund officials and staff appeared as guests in the first three episodes, episode four marked the first appearance by a player: Julian Brandt. The midfielder joined Sascha Fligge to talk about his new hobbies during the corona crisis, his social involvement at this tough time, and the people and things he misses the most.

"I have a talent for always keeping myself occupied within my own four walls," said BVB player Julian Brandt when asked about the current situation. He's grilling some food right now. And he's making some of his own mixtapes. Speaking on the official BVB podcast, sponsored by 1&1, Brandt also shared his thoughts on the topic of corona and his social responsibilities as a footballer, last week's decision by the Black & Yellows to waive part of their salaries, and a possible resumption of the Bundesliga.

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