Lukasz Piszczek, captain Marco Reus's deputy until now, is stepping down from the role of vice-captain and relinquishing his place on the team council. Here is his statement in its entirety:

Dear BVB fans,

The 2020/2021 season will be my last as a professional footballer. I want to enjoy this year as much as I possibly can. I have always loved taking on responsibility and leading the team alongside several colleagues over the past few years - both on the team council and as vice-captain. Now I would like to play an equally active role in shaping the team's transition and helping others to become more involved. For this reason, I have decided to step down from the role of vice-captain and also relinquish my place on the team council. But I will continue to help, because I know that my opinion is valued in the dressing room. I will continue to make my voice heard in the future and will always be available to give advice to any players that might seek it.