Borussia Dortmund appeals to its fans and all citizens to donate blood. Many people do not go to donate blood because they are concerned about the spread of the Covid-19 virus (Coronavirus).  This concern is unfounded, as all experts stress. Blood reserves are very important to ensure care for the sick!

Mats Hummels has sent a message to the fans: "In the wake of the Coronavirus, less blood is being donated. However, there isn’t any increased risk. It is very important that blood continues to be donated. So if you're healthy and you feel fit, go to donate blood. It's still very important."

The German Red Cross (DRK) said: "For our blood donation appointments, a mobile blood donation appointment cannot be equated with a concert, a sports event or any other event. Here, far fewer people come together at once, who are also generally healthy! Those who do not feel well, who are feeling the first signs of an illness, simply do not attend blood donation, because he/she knows about his/her special responsibility as a donor. In addition, blood donation appointments are always carried out under medical supervision and with the highest hygiene and safety standards in mind. For example, immediately before the doctor's consultation the body temperature is determined for all donors. Should any abnormalities arise, action would be taken in accordance with the applicable requirements. Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has not changed anything for blood transfusion recipients! There is no reliable evidence concerning the transmission of the virus by blood and blood products. Blood transfusions are safe and indispensable. Again, this is being closely monitored and analysed by the supervisory authorities."

Information about German Red Cross blood donation appointments (DRK)

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