Reinier joined Borussia Dortmund almost a week ago. The Brazilian has arrived in the Ruhr on a two-year loan deal from Real Madrid. He spoke to the assembled media about why he decided to move to BVB and which of his team-mates are helping him out.

Reinier on Borussia Dortmund:
BVB are a big club with a great history and a beautiful stadium. People in Brazil have followed the club very closely. There is a Brazilian connection too with Amoroso, Dede and Tinga, among others. 

…his decision to join BVB:
My family and I could have stayed in Spain too. But when the option to join BVB came about, we didn't need to think twice. BVB have a reputation for developing players. When this option came up, we knew that it would be the right one.  

…the next two years:
I want to grow as a player and learn new things. I would also like to continue my personal development and learn English and German. It's important for my life going forward. I want to be successful with the club, win titles if possible and bring the fans a lot of joy. 

…his preferred position:
I can play in all positions across the attack. I'm ready wherever the coach needs me. I want to help the team and give my best for the team. I like playing in all offensive positions.

…strengths and role models:
Kaka is a player that I would like to model myself on. But I don't want to be a second Kaka; I want to be Reinier. I like to play quickly, with short passes and one-twos. I like to help my team-mates, to get them in good shooting positions or to have a go at goal myself. 

…comparisons with Kaka:
That doesn't bring me any pressure. I want to show my football. Of course, it's a great thing to be compared with a player like that. But I want to show what kind of football player I am. 

…the welcome in Dortmund:
My father and I like Dortmund. For me, it's always very important that my father feels comfortable as well. My mother and my youngest sister are still in Madrid. We're waiting for them to join us. Family life is very important for us Brazilians. We've been given a very good welcome here and it is the fulfillment of another dream.

…the communication with his team-mates:
There are two players who can particularly help me: Axel Witsel played for Benfica and Raphael Guerreiro is Portuguese. Things will come together bit by bit. I now need to learn a new language.
Transcribed by Christina Reinke

BVB TV by 1&1: Interview with Reinier