Manuel Akanji boasted an outstanding 92% pass completion rate in the away victory in Leipzig, with 47 of his 51 passes reaching a team-mate. "We're very happy with the three points that we picked up," he said.

"Leipzig were the better team in the first half but did not have any clear goalscoring chances," said Akanji, adding: "They did have a lot of the ball and pressed well, but we defended well as a team and gave nothing away. We then took our chances in the second half. That's how the big games are decided. We lost possession of the ball too many times in the first half. We then improved in that respect. And as a defender, you ultimately want to keep a clean sheet as well. It is certainly frustrating if you concede a goal in the 90th minute, but that said it's the three points that are important. We showed a very good performance as a team." (tl)