Borussia Dortmund's new signing Jude Bellingham made the most of the limited free time during training camp in Bad Ragaz to connect with the club's fans. The young Englishman took to the BVB Twitter account to answer a few questions - including who his toughest opponent in training camp has been, which teammate has helped him the most and what his favourite position on the pitch is.

Who has been your toughest opponent in training camp so far?
Axel Witsel. He's so strong, but also so composed with the ball at his feet.

Are there any German dishes that you've already developed a taste for?
Schnitzel. I also really like drinking Spezi!

Which player have you got to know best so far?
I've spent a lot of time with Thomas Meunier, as the two of us live very close to one another. We've played table tennis together and he's helped me get home from training. What a guy!

How did you feel when you saw the team in training for the first time?
I was very nervous to begin with as we just had tests in the first few days. So it was great to finally get out on the pitch with the other players.  

Which teams do you support in other leagues?
Only Birmingham City!!!

Are you hoping to be able to play in front of fans in the south stand this season?
Of course, it's the best stand in Europe. I can't wait to play there!

If you could pick any position to play in, which would it be? 
Either central-defensive midfield, central midfield or central-attacking midfield. Basically anywhere in the middle of the park. 
Do you already know any words in German?
Ja, Ich heisse Jude Bellingham und Auf gehts! (Yes, my name's Jude Bellingham and let's go!)

Which player has done the most to help you settle at the club?
Jadon has helped me a lot. It's not only great to play with him, he also always makes sure that I understand all the information given to us by the coaches.

Who is faster - Erling Haaland or Jude Bellingham?
I don't know - I've never raced against a machine before.