Happy and proud Black and Yellows after the 4-0 win at FC Schalke 04. Here are the reactions of Edin Terzic, Marco Reus and Emre Can to the game:

Edin Terzic: "We came here today to win the derby. We managed to do that. We are very happy today with the result, the performance and the way we created the goals. The 90 minutes were very cool. It was fun. It always does you good when you win. When you win here, in the way we did, as a Borussia fan, you are especially happy, of course. Erling's goal was outstanding. But the third goal makes me much more proud. They are the sort of combinations we have envisaged. That was a great goal from the whole team."

Marco Reus: "They didn't seem very confident. We didn't take advantage of that enough in the first half. We didn't do badly, but we didn't have the very clear chances of scoring. When you then go into the lead here, keep on playing for the win and are positionally aware, you'll score the goals at some point. Thanks to some excellent pressing, we win the ball and Jadon then makes it 1-0. That gave us such a huge boost. Erling's second goal was sensational. It was very important that we took the lead. Then it was important in the second half that we kept going. Schalke came out of the break and applied a lot of pressure. At 3-0, it was game over. Erling is an absolute machine. He is very hungry for goals. You can see that in every game. We hope he carries on like that."

Emre Can: "We wanted to send a message. Everyone knows what this game means to our fans. This is perhaps the most important game of the season for them. We just wanted to get the three points. We earned the three points. Against Sevilla it was very, very good that we stood so firm. We worked and defended as a team. Today it was the same. We had a good plan. If everyone goes that extra mile, then we're a good team – simple. We must not let up and we have to try to show that in every game."
Transcribed by Timo Lammert