The reactions, part two. ''That wasn't the Borussia Dortmund I know,'' said Axel Witsel, with Julian Weigl adding: ''Today it was already hopeless by half-time. But now the scenario is by no means hopeless, we're still very much in the title race.''

Julian Weigl: ''We didn't have the courage required to come here and win. We were too fearful, we didn't believe in ourselves and at no point did we really have a sense that we could come away as winners. We still have six weeks that we can get something from. But first we have to come to terms with today, what happened was completely different to how we'd all imagined it. We have to offer our apologies to the fans, who took it upon themselves to come here and support us throughout, despite the fact it was all over by half-time. The scenario now is far from hopeless, we're still very much in the title race. We're focusing on the next match, and we know that there's still everything to play for.''

Axel Witsel: ''I have no words for today's match. Today we didn't see the Borussia Dortmund I know. Normally we're a team that dominates matches. That really wasn't the case today, we were chasing after the ball all day. We have six games ahead of us, and we have to come back fighting, work hard and quickly put today's defeat behind us. Everything is possible. Now we just have to stay focused and see what happens in the end.''
Transcribed by Timo Lammert