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"We were far too passive"

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Borussia Dortmund let the victory slip out of their hands at the last moment against Bayer Leverkusen. They conceded a goal from a set-piece once again. Edin Terzic, Sebastian Kehl, Gregor Kobel and Niclas Füllkrug spoke about that and plenty more besides after the game. The match reactions.

Edin Terzic (to DAZN): "It was a match with very few goalscoring chances, and it was not a good game from both teams. We were far too passive and had far too little tempo in our play. If one is leading so close to the end, it feels as though we were closer but in terms of the performance it was not what we had envisaged. We gave away a free-kick, even though we had already cleared the situation. The free-kick resulted in two corner-kicks. The last one was difficult to defend, but we absolutely shouldn't have gotten into the situation. It was the third goal we have conceded from a set-piece in a week."

Sebastian Kehl (in the mixed zone): "Up until the 96th minute, we had the chance to be the first team to beat Leverkusen. Then we gave away a set-piece that turned the game around. Leverkusen are now on a run and are also getting the rub of the green. It's bitter for us that we didn't win the game. But we were also a bit too passive and didn't exert sufficient pressure. But all in all, we gave away little throughout the entire game. Nonetheless, you also need the necessary focus in the 96th minute, even if the run from Stanisic was really good. Our objective remains fourth position in the table. A win today would have done us good in that regard. We need to pick up points."

Niclas Füllkrug (to DAZN): "We were the better team today and deserved to win. We scored the goal for 1-0 in a good phase. Now it of course feels lousy when you let in a goal so late, especially as it was easy to prevent. We'd given away little up until that point. The fact we gifted them a free-kick like that leaves me a bit speechless. Even after that the corner can still be cleared, but unfortunately that didn't happen either. The ball has to be cleared there, everyone has to stick to their man. It's just bitter we didn't win the game. It was brilliant how Sabi set up a goal for me again, in front of the South Stand again, but now my disappointment outweighs my happiness about the goal."

Gregor Kobel (in the mixed zone): "It's annoying because it was avoidable. We should have finished things off clearly beforehand or cleared the ball and let the final minute pass by. Leverkusen switched on several occasions during the game. It was never certain where the spaces were. We adjusted too. The rhythm of the game suffered as a result. As long as it (editor's note: fourth place) is not decided (Champions League qualification), we have to do everything to ensure that we play in this Champions League next year. We cannot count on anything theoretical, but must instead win our matches in order to have it in our own hands."