Teikyo to become the first Japanese educational institution where students can learn management methods from BVB. BVB and Teikyo University conducted a joint press conference in Tokyo on 20 June and announced the Academic Research Partnership.

Teikyo has become the very first educational institution in Japan that can provide students with the opportunity and environment to directly learn management know-how from Borussia Dortmund. From July 2018 onwards, as part of the university’s global human resources development project, Teikyo will launch the Borussia Dortmund (BVB) Program (*tentative name). The university will provide students with lectures where they can learn topics such as brand building, club marketing and sponsorship case studies from BVB management/staff.

Moreover, in order for students to have deeper understanding on how the world-class football club is operating and how top-class players spend a day, they will have the opportunity to visit the BVB training facilities as well as to conduct interviews with top management and marketing staff in English.

Teikyo University President Yoshihito Okinaga said: “Practical Learning, International Perspectives, and Open Mindedness are the education policy of our school.  We have sympathized with BVB’s philosophy, brand identity and challenger spirit. In collaboration with this prestigious German football club, we will accelerate our global study program through more Practical Learning opportunities with authentic International Perspectives and Open Mindedness.”

“Having a partnership with an educational institution like Teikyo is a new field for BVB.  We are very excited to develop our further cooperation as part of their student development project in the near future,” said BVB CMO Carsten Cramer.

Teikyo is a private university founded in 1966 and runs 5 different campuses; 3 campuses in Tokyo with others in Utsunomiya and Fukuoka.  Approximately 23,000 students are currently enrolled at the university. Teikyo University Official Website (English) http://www.teikyo-u.ac.jp/english/