How can I offer my ticket on the second market?

A ticket holder (original buyer) logs in at the BVB TocketShop (“Log in”) using his / her personal login data. Note: Tickets must have been bought directly from Broussia Dortmund. As soon as the second market is released by BVB you can see the seats for the respective match (My Account). Then a ticket can be released for resale for the match (use single seat control). Now the seat can be booked at the BVB TicketShop.

What amount will be credited if my ticket is sold via BVB TicketShop?

Season ticket holders will be credited a proportional season ticket price per match. In case of day tickets that are re-offered, the day ticket price will be refunded (no pre-sales fee).

When does BVB open the second market for a home match?

Borussia Dortmund will open the second market, if a large portion of day tickets available has been sold, i.e. a few days after the official day ticket pre-sale date.

When do I get a credit in case my ticket was sold successfully?

The amount will be credited two weeks after a sale at the latest. A part or the full amount may be donated to the BVB foundation “Leuchte auf”. The sum donated will be doubled by Borussia Dortmund so the foundation will get a larger sum.

How do I know that my ticket was (not) resold?

If a ticket is resold, a seller will receive an e-mail. If a ticket isn’t resold, a seller will receive an e-mail two days prior to the match, saying that the respective ticket will be valid for the match day. As long as the ticket isn’t sold, an offer may be withdrawn.

What about the fees when buying second market tickets via BVB TicketShop?

Prices are as follows: Respective day ticket price plus a 10% service fee.

Who can buy second market tickets?

Currently, there are no limitations for second market tickets.