For the first time since the 12.June 1999 - and for the fifth time all in all - the DFB Cup was won through a penalty shoot-out. Back then Bayern lost against Werder Bremen, this time they had the luck on their side and won against BVB. The first reactions.

Roman Bürki: „we fought, we tried everything to prevent Bayern from scoring. Then we also had our chances. The penalty shoot-out then comes down to luck and it is a psycho game. It is very bitter to lose like this. Looking back it is easy to say that we didn't have the nerves to do it. I would prefer to say that it is just bad luck. If you are in a final you want to win it. We will do everything we can so that we will be in a final again next season."

Mats Hummels: „regardless of who the opponent is, this defeat is completely frustrating. We put up a great fight against Bayern, however we did not nearly reach the maximum level we can play at. We had a great chance through Auba in the 85.minute to win the Cup. Every time we walk so closely past the Cup is like being stabbed in the heart. We could have won one or two more titles in the past few years. I have always given everything for BVB. I will miss everything that I had here."

Thomas Tuchel: „we still have a lot to learn. It teaches you a lot to play in this final. To see how sharp Bayern was right from the start, even if the level was not as high as when we met them in the league in the second half of the season. This match gives you a lot to think about. We still need more belief in ourselves and determination when we are in possession. We did work very hard and we defended with passion. But you also need to give yourself a breather when you are in possession, we did not have enough of those. I am sorry that I allowed Bender and Sokratis to take the second and third penalties. This defeat does not erase the 78 points in the Bundesliga. But still everything is influenced by what happens. We expected to win the game, we didn't manage to achieve that. After the defeat in Liverpool this is another disappointment."

Pep Guardiola (FC Bayern): „BVB had their momentum in this game, but in the end we had more momentum. A big compliment to my team."

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern): „there is huge relief. A penalty shoot-out is horrible for all players who have given everything for 120 minutes. If we would not have won, we would have been angry. We played a very good game, but up front we were not decisive enough or there was something lacking. We just couldn't put the ball over the line. Dortmund has a very good team, they are excellent the way they play with the ball, but we would not let them do that today. We did not let BVB play as we know they can play." (fu)