Julian Brandt was the last of the five summer signings to make his debut in Black & Yellow when he featured in the 4-0 win in Münster on Saturday. We spoke to him after the final whistle.

Here's what he had to say about...

...his period of enforced rest at the training camp and in the days thereafter:
I was more or less in my room the entire time, waiting around to ensure the problem didn't flare up again. It was boring, if I'm honest. Fortunately, it went away again relatively quickly. Now I'm able to do everything again and yes, now things are more exciting.

...his timescale until he returns to full fitness:
I dealt with the exertion relatively well and I don't think that I'm lagging too far behind. Obviously, the other lads took full advantage of the training camp and you can notice that from watching them. But it's not going to take months for me to catch up with their fitness levels.

...the match in Münster:
I managed the half well and could've played for longer. But it was agreed in advance that I'd go off at the break to avoid any potential problems.

...the nine consecutive BVB victories in friendly and competitive matches:
Pre-season went well and I think we've made good use of the time too. But we can't sit back and assume it's all going to happen for us. Next weekend is what counts – and that's what we'll be judged on. (br)