At the press conference after winning the home game against Hertha Berlin, Lucien Favre spoke about his team's performance and the situation in the table.


Lucien Favre on ...

… the situation in the table:
"It was very important to win the game. We have a seven-point lead on two teams. But we continue to only look at ourselves. There are still four games to go. We want to keep thinking game by game and to do the best we can.

... the attack:
"We created chances without a real centre-forward. That is the most important thing for us and for me. For example, our goal: it's a good pass from Sancho, Brandt plays a fantastic ball on, the ball comes to Emre Can, and he scores the goal. We created more chances before and after that and could have won more than 1-0. But Hertha also made it difficult for us – they had a good team on the pitch. But in the end, we won.

... the defence:
"We were always trying to play our way out from the back, from the goalkeeper, but also with Emre Can, Manuel Akanji and Lukasz Piszczek – we did it very well. We tried to play with patience, sometimes it was clever, other times risky. Overall, we did it well."

... Emre Can's "dual role" as defensive coordinator and goalscorer:
"We played very well defensively. Emre did very well. It wasn't easy for him, as he was used to playing either on the right or the left side (ed.: in a midfield three). He has already done well in the middle for one half in Wolfsburg.

... Jadon Sancho's strong performance:
"It's very important that he's there. I know him very, very well. He was injured for a long time – three, four weeks – and did not train with the team. We had to be patient in getting him ready. Now he's back."
Transcribed by Timo Lammert