"We're through. That's the most important thing." That was the feeling in the Black & Yellow camp after the 1-1 draw with Lazio, even though they would have liked to wrap up top spot in the group with a fourth successive win. Michael Zorc, Lucien Favre, Marco Reus and Nico Schulz all shared their views on the controversial penalty awarded by the referee. Here are the match reactions.

Michael Zorc: "When it comes to the penalty, you can only have an opinion if you've seen the footage. The referee initially played on and then received a signal. There's no need for a video assistant anymore if an incident with a clearly erroneous decision is not corrected. We drew 1-1. We have to accept that. In Mats' case, we're hoping he just took a knock to his foot and that he'll be okay again relatively quickly. You could see one or two players were on their last legs."

Lucien Favre: "We were playing against a good opponent. We can't win every match 3-0; that's not possible. We had our opportunities and could've made it 2-0 and then later on 2-1. We conceded an unnecessary goal. That wasn't a penalty – that's unbelievable. It was theatre; he was exaggerating. Nobody said anything. In the end the result was 1-1, but that doesn't reflect the truth. We could've won today. But we've qualified. That's the most important thing."

Marco Reus: "We would've very much liked to win the match. I wouldn't have given the penalty for that. But we were sitting too deep in the second period, we let ourselves drop back too far and then only exerted a little pressure going forward. We didn't show the order and structure going forward that we needed to apply our pressing game. We had three or four situations in the second half where we would've created some big opportunities if the final ball had arrived. We didn't manage that. We would've liked a win today to seal top spot in the group."

Nico Schulz: "He got to the ball ahead of me. I'm standing there and he jumps in towards me. I can't go anywhere. That wasn't a penalty for me. We didn't perform as well as we wanted today. We were playing against a good opponent. We're happy to have made it through, but we would've liked to win to ensure that first-place finish. But we still have one more game to secure top spot."
Transcribed by Timo Lammert