Borussia Dortmund would like to make an urgent appeal to their fans ahead of the DFB Cup final against Leipzig in Berlin on Thursday (13 May): please refrain from travelling to Berlin or gathering in crowds in order to watch the game or celebrate the cup triumph – in the event that we win.

As much as we have always enjoyed your great support in Berlin in recent years, we regret that we will have to do without you at the cup final this year; whether you're from Dortmund or Berlin and the surrounding area, please stay at home. Public health must be the clear priority.

There will be no opportunity to watch the match in Berlin. Local bars and restaurants will be closed. There will also be no possibility to stay in hotels. According to the current Corona Protection Regulations, there are both contact restrictions and a curfew in place in Berlin, neither of which are expected to be lifted by the final. The Berlin police already enforced the Corona Protection Regulations at the 2020 final and that is to be expected to be the case again this year.

After the final, the team will fly directly to Frankfurt on Friday (14/5) to prepare for the Bundesliga match away to FSV Mainz 05 next Sunday, in compliance with the DFL's intensified anti-corona measures. The team will only travel back to Dortmund after the match in Mainz, but must immediately move into a hotel there as a sealed-off group.

The trip to Berlin marks the start of the DFL-enforced quarantine, meaning there will be no opportunity to have contact with the players, get autographs or take selfies. This applies to all places where the team will be, including the stadium, hotel, airport and training ground.

The health and safety of the players and the fans is also a top priority at the cup final. Even though we would love nothing more in the world than to celebrate with you at Borsigplatz, there can unfortunately be no celebration in Dortmund if we triumph in the cup final.

Please observe the existing Corona Protection Regulations and avoid crowds. We thank you for your understanding.