After the game is before the game. On Sky TV, Julian Brandt spoke about the game in Wolfsburg, about Erling Haaland, and - of course - about the upcoming game against Bayern.

Julian Brandt on the game in Wolfsburg:
"All in all, we're satisfied for the time being because we won. We haven't had the best past few days, of course, but you can make up for a lot in a few days, especially in the English weeks. We played a really good game overall, but there was also a period where Wolfsburg had one or two chances. The result is the most important thing, however, and we're obviously really happy with it."     

... on the early deficit:
"We went into the game extremely motivated. It was obviously a blow, but it was important for us to stay in it. We kept going and didn't let it influence our game, so we were able to make it 1-1 before half-time. It's not great to go behind and we'd definitely prefer that it didn't happen. But sometimes it does; we play against good teams. The important thing is to keep playing with a lot of self-confidence."  

... on Erling Haaland:
"He is extremely important to us. You could see from the past few weeks that we have missed him, not just because of his goals, but also because of his physicality and his deep runs. Erling is a weapon. But you also have to give him enough time to nurse his injury properly. He was back today, and that's what we want from him." 

... on the upcoming Klassiker against Bayern Munich:
"We've finally had a good week to prepare. We're going into the game with a lot of self-confidence, but Bayern will probably be doing the same. It'll be a very exciting game, for the neutrals as well. We're taking a lot of care that it doesn't go like it did in the last two years."
Recorded by Timo Lammert