Mats Hummels set his team on the road to victory with the all-important goal to make it 2-1. He spoke to DAZN after the final whistle.

Mats Hummels (to DAZN): "It was a tough game. But we've won our last four games and now go into the international break feeling much better than we thought we would a few weeks ago. We tried to find solutions, but we weren't always able to counter-attack. We did quite well, but just lacked the finishing touch."

(on his goal) "You know when you've connected cleanly with the ball. Though it wasn't far from going to the right of the post."

(on the team's current situation) "As far as the Champions League is concerned, we're all delighted to be in the quarter-finals. In the Bundesliga, we are lagging behind our expectations. Now we have a big April ahead of us. We'll be able to show where we are. I hope that we can give a better display, especially from a footballing perspective."

(on not being called up for Germany) "I was expecting it. Today was my first start in the Bundesliga since the middle of December. It didn't come as a surprise to me and I've made plans to spend the week with my son."