The BVB team gave a hearty welcome to a coal dust-covered Max Michallek on the concourse of the main station in Berlin having travelled to the city to take on BSV 92 Berlin in a championship game. Michallek had overslept and missed the team’s early morning departure and so was left with no other choice but to hop aboard a coal train heading to Berlin. During the trip Michallek took his turn to stoke the fires in the cab and so ended his trip typically caked in coal dust. There was a tricky moment to overcome at the border controlled by Russian guards but Michallek was able to use gestures to convince them that he was a footballer leading them to wave him on as they recognised him from descriptions given to them by the official party who had passed the checkpoint hours earlier. The game was eventually won with a nice clean Max Michallek outstanding in a 5-0 triumph which saw the Olympic stadium handed back to Germany from the allied forces for the first time.