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Post-match report


Bürki: "Happy that we capped the season with a title"

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"We had a relaxed celebration with the entire staff," said goalkeeper Roman Bürki as he described what went on in the changing room following the club's DFB Cup triumph, before adding: "I hope it continues again now."


Roman, how exhausted are you after a match like that?
"Very exhausted. Not just after this game, but after the entire season. Mentally, I'm really tired. But it goes without saying that we are ecstatic that we were able to cap this good season with a title."

What went on in the changing rooms after the match? What was your experience of everything going on around you?
"It was an outstanding feeling. We had a relaxed celebration with the entire staff, with everyone who is involved at the club. I hope it continues again now."

What went on at half-time? Frankfurt were on the verge of turning the game around before the break…
"We made a bright start by scoring the goal, but then we only really tried to defend the lead. Somehow we were hoping that we would be able to see that lead through. That was a mistake, and the coach made that very clear at half-time. Despite that, we still struggled and lost two important players at the break. But the fresh players that came on gave it everything they had and in the end they helped us to win the match."

The coach just told us that physio Peter Kuhnt made a speech for the very first time. What kind of things was he saying to you?
Lots of positive things. We know that Peter is unfortunately stopping after 23 years at BVB. He's pretty much part of the fabric of the club. He's a great guy and everyone has a close connection to him. It was nice to hear words like that.“ (djg)