After the final match of the 2022 ASIA TOUR against the Vietnam national team, goalkeepers Alex Meyer and Marcel Lotka reflected on the trip.

What's your take on the tour?
Alex Meyer: "It was a very intensive and nice time. We got to know an entirely different culture. On top of the games, we also had a lot of time to see the places we were in. We unfortunately lost the final game; we would've liked to win that too. But the programme and the journeys were well planned."

What was your personal highlight?
Meyer: "There was no specific moment. It was my first time in Asia; Singapore and Vietnam in particular are a different world entirely. Playing matches against such teams was fun too. All in all, it was a very nice trip will be live long in the memory."

How did you view the curious incident right before the final whistle?
Marcel Lotka: "There was a penalty for the opposition and as per usual, you try to make the shooter a little nervous. I always do that movement, but on this occasion the collapsible goal move upwards by around five centimetres. Then it was difficult to get the post back in. But it worked out in the end. It was rather strange, but things like that can happen."

How do you look back on the tour?
Lotka: "You don't travel to such countries all the time. It was certainly very nice to see Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. It's also a very nice culture, in my view, and something new of course." (cr)