The 2-2 draw with Freiburg means Borussia Dortmund will only be returning home with a point. "Far too little," as captain Marco Reus put it. The two points that were dropped would've given the team a huge boost in the table, explained Sebastian Kehl.

Mats Hummels: "We're very frustrated. We've dropped two points in each of our last two away matches because of own goals. Freiburg didn't have a single shot today after equalising at 1-1. With that in mind, it was really bad luck for us to end up drawing 2-2, even though it hadn't been a perfect performance from us beforehand. We know that we need to improve. Many will now be away with their national teams. We'd have preferred to go into the international break with a victory. One positive for us is that no team has pulled away. We're very close in what is a tight table."

Marco Reus: "The 2-2 is really bitter. At the moment it reflects the way we're playing, the fact we're not performing convincingly. So we can hardly be surprised that we're heading home with a point, which is far too little. Going ahead doesn't give us as much confidence as it usually does. I hope the international break does us good in terms of clearing our heads, so that we can go into the next part of the season with fresh momentum. Then the fixtures will be coming thick and fast; we need to be ready and to perform differently, especially when we take the lead."

Sebastian Kehl: "We're obviously very disappointed to have given another game away so close to the end, to have produced another performance that wasn't our best. There's no escaping that. We would've liked to take the two points today, because we could've given ourselves a huge boost in the table if we had these two points on the board. It would've given us a feeling of calm. At the moment we're not quite there yet. We'll work hard, and obviously we need to improve. It's all still very tight in the table. The fact that SC Freiburg threw everything apart from the kitchen sink at us in the second period should not be a surprise to us. We of course need to then stand firm and try to prevent the crosses, get stuck into the challenges and defend together. We could've done that better in one or two situations."
Transcribed by Christina Reinke

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