After the final whistle, Mats Hummels analysed the 1-1 draw with Sevilla in an interview with broadcaster "Amazon Prime Video". He was not satisfied.

Mats Hummels (to Amazon Prime): "It was not a good game from us. After going 1-0 down, we started to press and pressed better at some point. In this phase, we forced Sevilla into many simple possession giveaways and were dominant for a few minutes. After half-time, we gave at least 20 balls away easily again and allowed the game to become completely open – completely unnecessary against an unsettled team in front of 80,000 at home, because we simply gave away the ball unnecessarily. They were happy with the 1-1 here. We didn't manage to apply pressure with the ball and instead lost the ball all the time; we always played into tight spaces rather than making them run. Football is actually a very simple game, and we always ruin it for ourselves. Some need to get it out of their heads that football needs to be sexy, that successful football needs to be flick-touch-one-two-three in the space of five minutes; instead, a player needs to the right thing all the time and not just the special thing sometimes. I felt it got a bit hectic towards the end and we became passive instead of continuing to apply pressure."