After the 3-0 victory over AS Monaco, all the Borussia players agreed on one thing: the key to the win was patience. ''The first half was difficult, we put a lot more pressure on in the second half,'' said club captain Marco Reus. ''Once we got the 1-0 lead, everything started to go our way,'' said Roman Bürki.

Lucien Favre:  ''The second half was a lot better than the first half. We were a lot better in our pressing, we had more confidence. We wanted to remain patient, that was really important. Going in to half-time with a clean sheet was ok, Monaco came really close to scoring three times. Overall it was a deserved win. Bruun Larsen has played a lot recently. The time had come to give him a rest. He came on at half-time today and had an instant impact with the goal he scored. The run he made for the 1-0 goal was really smart.''

Marco Reus: ''The key to the win was patience. The first half was difficult. When we had the ball, Monaco played very deep in defense, they really closed down the space with their five man defensive line. We had difficulties creating chances but we kept our patience. They had two, three, maybe four good counter attacks which led to goal scoring opportunities. We put a lot more pressure on in the second half. In these busy weeks with midweek fixtures, it's so vitally important that we've got so much talent that we can call on from the bench. Once again things weren't easy for us today, but we kept our calm. More than anything else, the win was deserved in light of the second half. Now we've got to play Atlético. That will be a completely different game given how strong they are in defence. It's important that we've started in the way we have done.''

Roman Bürki: ''We kept our patience. Our coach kept telling us during half-time that it would be difficult. We made things somewhat hard for ourselves in the first half. Once we got the 1-0 lead, everything started to go our way.''

Jacob Bruun Larsen: ''Everything happened really quickly, I had to enter the action right away, I didn't really have time to think about it too much. The coach just told me that I should enjoy myself out there, that I should have confidence in myself. Winning 3-0 is really great. With the goal, I started my movement at exactly the right time. I'm absolutely delighted. With everything that's happened today, I can't say it's really sunk in yet.''
Transcribed by Christina Reinke