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Brandt: "The evenings you play football for"

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He was crowned "Player of the Match" by UEFA. After reaching the semi-finals, Julian Brandt spoke about the game against Atlético Madrid.

Julian Brandt (in the mixed zone): "I'm extremely happy. These are the evenings you play football for. It's extremely fun to feel these emotions and see the happy faces after a modest season. It makes you want to keep giving people a good feeling. Some things cannot be explained: In any case, I'm happy that things are working out for us in the Champions League and that we're showing our good side here. We have to keep going in the Bundesliga. There have been several games this season like the ones against Heidenheim and Hoffenheim where we lost our way in the second period. It wasn't anything like that today. There were two setbacks but we still stayed true to our approach and came up with an answer relatively quickly. Apart from those 10 or 15 minutes, we defended superbly. Everyone played a super game, but if I had to single one person out: Sabi was sensational. We're looking forward to the semi-final, we know PSG and we are now one or two steps ahead of where we were before the first group game. We want to make amends for that."