The control body of the German Football Federation (DFB) will take no action against Achraf Hakimi and Jadon Sancho for their symbols of solidarity with the recently deceased American George Floyd.

FIFA's laws of the game, to which the DFB is bound, state that players' equipment must not display any political, religious, or personal messages. As a result, the DFB's control body has examined the case and sought comments from the players.

“It goes without saying that the DFB’s control body always has FIFA and DFB regulations in mind," said Dr. Anton Nachreiner, chairman of the DFB’s control body, adding: "In this specific case, however, these are deliberate actions of anti-racism by the players, who are thus campaigning for the very values which the DFB seeks to uphold. So no action will be taken now, nor in the case of further anti-racism demonstrations over coming weeks.”

Hakimi and Sancho had displayed the message "Justice for George Floyd" on their shirts after scoring in the match against Paderborn.