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Visually Impaired Persons

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Pre sale period

In principle, the same terms and conditions as for other ticket orders are applicable to supporters with disabilities. Tickets can be ordered at ay time in the ways described below. The allocation of tickets typically takes place four weeks prior to the particular game in accordance with the general advance sales dates. You can find precise fixture information as well as dates for the beginning of advance sales on our homepage.

Home tickets for the visually impaired

Since we only have a few free day tickets for the visually impaired area, these are only issued via an online raffle. You can assert your card request here.

Entitled are persons who carry a disability card in which the letters BI or RF are written in combination with a doctor’s certificate that confirms a visual impairment (BI: blind. RF: exempt from German television licence fees). Please carry your proof of entitlement with you, since this will be checked on site.

A ticket for a visually impaired person (including an accompanying person) costs 14€ for a home match. The prices for tickets to away games are determined by the particular club in each case and can vary significantly.

Away tickets for the visually impaired persons

Tickets for people with visual impairments for away games can be ordered by email at

Eligible are people who have the BL in their severely handicapped ID or RF in combination with a medical certificate confirming a visual impairment. Please carry the proof of eligibility with you, as it will be checked on site. The ticket prices for away games are set by the respective host and can vary widely.

We kindly ask that you include the following information in your order:
  • Your full address with a telephone number on which you can be reached throughout the day
  • Your desired fixture
  • The remark “Visually impaired”
  • Your membership number (if available)
  • A copy of your disability card (front- and reverse sides)

IMPORTANT: In order to obtain entitlement to a seat for a visually impaired person, you must include a copy of your disability card as part of your order.

Payment method: You will receive a reservation that will allow you to make payment for your tickets. After the payment has been received, your tickets will be sent to you.

Access to the Signal-Iduna-Park

Coming from the south-east, the path leads through the special south entrance, from the north through the players entrance under the BORUSSEUM (north-east corner). Access to the stadium is possible only with the assistance of the volunteers.

Cancellation and Return of tickets for visually impaired persons

Visually impaired tickets - like all other tickets - are generally non-refundable. Cancellation is possible in exceptional cases after consultation with the ticketing department. Reselling or auctioning the card (s) for commercial purposes - for whatever reason - is strictly prohibited.

Audio Commentary

Volunteers will carry out the distribution and collection of headphones for the audio commentary in the block, with disability cards taken as a deposit for the equipment. You can choose between audio commentary especially for supporters with a visual impairment or the BVB-Netradio broadcast.

Important additional information
  • Wheeled walkers are not permitted as walking aids, since bulky objects outside the areas for wheelchair users in Blocks 3 & 6 may prevent the smooth evacuation of the stadium
  • You can find further information, including information about other stadiums and clubs, on the Federal Association for Disabled Supporters’ website at
  • Disabled toilets are located on the east stand in the immediate vicinity of the block for the visually impaired. A catering service is offered in the block for the visually impaired

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