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Füllkrug: "It was beyond my imagination"

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"A lot has to happen in a career to be able to play in this game at all," says Niclas Füllkrug. The BVB star is aware that reaching a Champions League final is not something that can be taken for granted. He also spoke about the BVB fans and coach Edin Terzic.

Niclas Füllkrug on the Dortmund fans:
"It was beyond my imagination what happened in the home games against Atletico and Paris. As a player, you can only be proud to be supported by fans like that. When you know that they're behind you and supporting you, you have a very good feeling and that makes you grow in heart. My respect was already huge before, but it increased even more afterwards. It's always very impressive. Sometimes it feels like we start the game 1-0 up just because we have a home game with our fans behind us."

…coach Edin Terzic:
"The credit for what we've achieved in the Champions League this year doesn't just go to us, but also to him. He has done a very good job and always set us up well. He was the one who had so much belief in our success, that we would make it to Wembley, and he communicated that to us early on."

…expectations for the final:
"Madness. It has to be the biggest game of the year, and it certainly is when there's no World Cup or European Championship on. A lot has to happen in a career for you to be able to play in this game in the first place. There are some world-class players who have never played in this game because the circumstances weren't right, luck wasn't on their side, the team wasn't built to achieve this goal. That's why I'm very grateful to be able to experience this game and I'm looking forward to the stadium. It's a very historic stadium, that fits a lot of fans and has lots of stories to tell."

Transcribed by Christina Reinke