Marco Reus feiert DFB-Pokal Sieg am Borsigplatz

Borsigplatz Dortmund

Since December 19, 1909, every Borussia Dortmund fan should know the Borsigplatz. On that Sunday, our club Borussia Dortmund was founded in the pub "Zum Wildschütz" at Borsigplatz.

Current significance of the Borsigplatz

Today, the Borsigplatz remains one of the most important locations in Dortmund when it comes to BVB. Due to the history Borussia Dortmund shares with the Borsigplatz, the roundabout always plays a significant role for all Dortmund fans after winning a title. Because then, a parade travels through the city of Dortmund, making several rounds around the Borsigplatz.

"We were all born at Borsigplatz"

This line from the song "Am Borsigplatz geboren" by Andy Schade should be known to every Borussia Dortmund fan. Through the song, the Borsigplatz remains an integral part of BVB and defines the identity of the club to this day.

Borsigplatz as an inspiration for the "leuchte auf" foundation

The Borsigplatz was also used as a motif for the BVB foundation "leuchte auf." The exits from Borsigplatz form the tips of the star, while the roundabout in the center represents the main part.