Borussia Dortmund Table Tennis – Fourth Team

Saison 23/24

The 2022/2023 season concluded with Team 4 securing their place in the Bezirksliga Ost. Due to the structural reform in the new Bezirk Mittleres Ruhrgebiet, the 4th team will compete in the 1.Bezirksliga Group 2. New additions to the team include Kenyan player Kennedy Kojal as the top player, Andrey Rasenko from the third team, and Alex Lisin from the fifth team. According to team captain Udo Lautenschläger, "promotion to the Bezirksoberliga is the goal for the season. The personnel resources are definitely available."

The season objective will be pursued with the following players:

  • Kennedy Kojal
  • Stefan Traxel 
  • Beair Cufta 
  • Bernd Möllmann 
  • Andrey Rasenko 
  • Darius Mielek 
  • Pouya Jafari 
  • Alex Lisin 
  • Team Captain: Udo Lautenschläger