BVB Brinkhoff's Ballgeflüster

Borussia Dortmund Brinkhoff's Ballgeflüster

Immerse yourself in the world of Borussia Dortmund with "Brinkhoff’s Ballgeflüster," an exciting 45-minute talk show that has been a staple of since December 2011. This page provides you with all the important information about this popular show throughout the year.

What is Brinkhoff's Ballgeflüster?

In "Brinkhoff’s Ballgeflüster," a rotating panel of four eloquent guests discusses everything related to BVB. The show is moderated by Nobby Dickel.

Highlights of Brinkhoff's Ballgeflüster

  • Current Insights: Stay up to date on the latest developments and stories about BVB. 
  • Exclusive Insider Info: Get insights into stories and anecdotes that are not publicly known. 
  • Live Experience: Enjoy the special atmosphere of the live recording up close.

How can I participate in Brinkhoff's Ballgeflüster?

If you want to be there live, follow the announcements on Tickets for the recordings are only available through sweepstakes.