Fan and Supporter Department – Team Tradition

The Working Group Tradition of the BVB Fan and Support Department has been dedicated to the history and tradition of BVB since its establishment ten years ago.

Its aim was to establish a club museum for Borussia Dortmund, which was achieved in 2008, on the club's 99th birthday, with the opening of the BORUSSEUM, in whose foundation the working group played a significant role.

After a hiatus, the working group was reactivated in the spring of 2015 under the leadership of BVB archivist Gerd Kolbe. It focuses on preserving the black and yellow culture of remembrance as well as commemorating historical events related to BVB.

Furthermore, the working group is committed to preserving tradition and further examining the history of Borussia Dortmund. It collects and analyzes new insights into the club's history of over 100 years.

Another commitment of the working group is the school project "BVB during the Nazi era," which is active in the fight against right-wing extremism.

Contact: [email protected]