Senior Football "Alte Herren"

Senior football team "Alte Herren"

In addition to the professional squad and the U23s, Borussia Dortmund has three other senior teams: the traditional team, the legends team and the "Alte Herren".

The "Alte Herren" can look back on a tradition of around 70 years. They were originally made up of players who had outgrown the amateur team in terms of age. Anyone over the age of 32 who can kick a ball well and has a black and yellow football heart can become a player in the "Alte Herren". If they have previously played in the BVB youth team, all the better. The team currently consists of former amateur players as well as junior coaches, employees and talented BVB members.

Borussia Dortmund's "Alte Herren" play up to 35 matches a year. Despite its friendly nature, the team plays competitive football. Camaraderie is a top priority alongside football. The team is available for information and match enquiries.

Contact person

Muhittin Yildiz

Muhittin Yildiz 


Dates 2024