Fan and Supporter Department – "Uns verbindet Borussia"

"Uns verbindet Borussia" (UVB) is a working group of the BVB Fan and Promotion Department. The group's creed is stated in the club's statutes (§ 2 para. 3): "The club promotes the function of sports as a unifying element between nationalities, cultures, religions, and social classes. It offers children, young people, and adults, regardless of gender, skin color, origin, belief, social status, or sexual identity, a sporting home."

Our working group focuses on the city and its people in its projects and actions, demonstrating solidarity and showcasing the diversity of BVB.

This diversity is also reflected within the group. Currently, it consists of almost 70 members aged between 22 and 73 and is very diverse. Not all active members are BVB club members or have season tickets.

However, what unites us all is our love for our BVB and the desire to engage in social activities in the city, as well as to stand up for democratic values.

Our activities range from monthly assistance with food distribution at the Gast-Haus statt Bank to monthly reading and game afternoons in the pediatric surgery department, to individual actions and events in senior citizen homes or with the Dortmund Midnight Mission.

Every four to six weeks, we hold meetings to discuss past deployments and actions and plan new ones.

Our possibilities are limited, as everything is managed on a voluntary basis.

We work for the common good but also organize group activities to strengthen cohesion. For example, we have visited Wewelsburg, Stalag 326 in Stukenbrock, and the Underground Museum in Aalten, organized joint cooking evenings, participated in a "social city tour" in Dortmund, and regularly attend various cultural events together.

The group is open and welcomes new members.

For further information, please contact the AG leader, Sarah Hartwich.

Just send an email to: [email protected]