Historisches Bild von der Meisterschale nach dem Gewinn der Saison 1996/97

1989 – The Peak

Under coach Ottmar Hitzfeld, Borussia Dortmund experienced its most successful decade in club history: After two second-place finishes in the league and UEFA Cup initially, he led the team to two championships and then to victory in the UEFA Champions League.

The ambitious president Dr. Gerd Niebaum first brought in Michael Meier as manager (1990), and a year later Ottmar Hitzfeld, followed by numerous stars (Stefan Reuter, Karl-Heinz Riedle, Andreas Möller, Matthias Sammer) returning from Italy to the German elite. Even without these high-profile players, the team in Hitzfeld's debut year played the most successful season in Borussia Dortmund's Bundesliga history: Only four minutes were missing for the German championship (Stuttgart scored the winning goal in Leverkusen and surpassed BVB in the table due to better goal difference).

In 1992/93, Schwarzgelb stormed into the UEFA Cup finals (1:3 and 0:3 against Juventus Turin), earning the largest prize money ever for a Bundesliga club, as BVB was the only German club in all three competitions from the Round of 16 onwards. The proceeds were further invested in the team, which in 1994/95 - despite significant injury setbacks - finally brought the title back to Westphalia and successfully defended it the following year.

The climax came in the 1996/97 season when Borussia became the first German club to win the UEFA Champions League introduced in 1991. Riedle put BVB ahead 2-0 in the final in Munich against the highly favored defending champions Juventus Turin, and Lars Ricken scored the goal for the 3-1 victory.

Hitzfeld subsequently ended his coaching tenure at BVB but remained for another year as a sports manager. During this time, Dortmund won the World Cup with a 2-0 victory over Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte (Brazil).

Anecdotes from the Decade

May 16, 1992

Four Minutes Short - Stuttgart Crowned German Champions '92

Borussia Dortmund endured a heartbreaking moment on the last Bundesliga matchday of the 1991-92 season. Until the 86th minute, it seemed like the Black and Yellows could bring home the German football championship after a 29-year hiatus. However, Guido Buchwald's goal in the Leverkusen-Stuttgart match (1:2/86') shattered all black and yellow dreams. The 30,000 BVB fans gathered at the Friedensplatz to watch their Borussia face Duisburg live were left in disbelief. Instead of the anticipated triumph, they could only celebrate Borussia Dortmund as the German runners-up. How did this drama unfold? Before the 34th and final matchday, both BVB (playing Duisburg) and VfB Stuttgart (playing Leverkusen) had a chance to clinch the title. Eintracht Frankfurt (playing Rostock) was also in contention but suffered a crucial defeat, eliminating them from the race. However, the battle between Borussia and Stuttgart intensified. BVB took an early lead through "Chappi" but maintained it until Leverkusen also scored (1:1/41'). Then came the heartbreaking goal in the 86th minute, sealing Stuttgart's victory - with Eike Immel in goal - as the German champions of 1992.

May 17, 1992

Proposal in Front of 30,000 Fans

Over 30,000 BVB fans were witnesses to the most peculiar marriage proposal in Bundesliga history today. Location of the event: Friedensplatz in the heart of Dortmund. The actual reason for the gathering: The broadcast of BVB's last match of the 1991/92 season against MSV Duisburg. The proposer: BVB fan and master butcher Jörg Enseling. With the "eternal" words, "Tanja, will you marry me," he solicited his beloved over the microphone, to which she joyfully replied with a hearty "yes." Incidentally, Tanja was sweet 20 years old on the day of her proposal. What a delightful birthday surprise. If only BVB had become German champions as well... But: You can't have it all.

May 5, 1995

BVB Expands Westfalenstadion - Contract Signed on Historic Birthday

On this 5th of May, the 29th anniversary of BVB's victory over FC Liverpool, the city of Dortmund and BVB have launched a unique project: Mayor Günter Samtlebe and BVB President Dr. Gerd Niebaum presented a contract at the town hall in the presence of various investors. According to the contract, the city will lease the stadium grounds to the "Westfalenstadion Dortmund GmbH & Co. KG" for 30 years at an annual ground rent of one million euros. The company intends to "expand the stadium at its own expense and responsibility." Initially, they plan to self-finance the expansion of the main and opposite stands of the Westfalenstadion (approximately 60 million marks), and subsequently tackle the South and North stands. After the expansion, the Westfalenstadion will have nearly 70,000 seats. The expansion will be carried out without a single euro from the city. Thus, BVB is once again pioneering in stadium construction. In 1924, they had already transformed the municipal "Weiße Wiese" into the "Borussia-Sportplatz" through extensive self-contribution, ultimately costing 50,000 Reichsmarks.

June17, 1995

Borussia Dortmund Crowned German Champions for the First Time in 32 Years

BVB celebrates their 4th Bundesliga title.

June 17, 1995

Tears Over Tears: Flemming Povlsen Bids Farewell

Today, Dortmund's Friedensplatz experienced perhaps its most tearful day. This applies both to BVB's victory over HSV (2:0) and the associated title "German Football Champion 1995," as well as the farewell to Flemming Povlsen, one of the greatest darlings in BVB's history. Musically accompanied by Pur Harmonie and Karl-Heinz Bandosz (Heja BVB), over 40 BVB fan clubs bid farewell to the multiple Danish national player and 1992 European Champion, who unfortunately became disabled due to sports injuries. Almost 10,000 fans who traveled to the event presented Flemming with countless lovingly handmade mementos. For BVB, manager Michael Meier delivered exceptionally honorable farewell words to the championship player, who plans to settle back in Denmark with his family.

May 18, 1996

BVB Once Again at the Top of the Bundesliga

"And once again, German champions, BVB!" - This time, fans only had to wait one year for the next championship.

April 9, 1997

Fan Gathering Against Manchester: English Media Horrified

Today's fan gathering on the "Alten Markt" during the Champions League semi-final between BVB and Manchester United turned out to be an extraordinary success, with over 6,000 ManU and BVB fans in attendance. For the first time, the program was extended into the evening hours, as the big game from the Westfalenstadion was also broadcasted on a giant screen. This was a special service for the Manchester fans who had traveled without tickets. The highlight of the fan gathering was the appearance of English football legend Sir Bobby Charlton in the afternoon. Charlton encouraged both "camps" to fairness and friendship, receiving an immensely positive response. Even the UEFA security officials were impressed: "A prime example of Dortmund's hospitality and warmth." The success of the fan gathering is particularly gratifying because the English media had expressed horror over the event, warning with the words "invitation to a mass brawl." Now, the ManU board is considering offering a fan gathering for the return leg in two weeks as well.

May 28, 1997

Winning the Champions League

"Lifting it now... yes!" - With a 3-1 victory over Juventus Turin in Munich, BVB secures the Champions League trophy.