Key Personnel of the BVB Youth Academy

What five stars signify in the hotel industry—utmost quality—is represented by three stars for the youth academies of football clubs. Achieving three stars is the pinnacle of success in this realm. Awarded by the German Football Association (DFB), the German Football League (DFL), and Double PASS GmbH, a three-star rating indicates supreme excellence. Borussia Dortmund earned this prestigious three-star certification at the end of 2015.

Lars Ricken, BVB Managung Director Sport, expressed his gratitude, stating, "This is a special occasion to thank all employees of the youth department. This outstanding rating was made possible solely through a passion for football, tireless dedication, and excellent teamwork."

But what exactly lies behind BVB's youth academy? And more importantly, who are the key figures?

The coordinators

Eddy Boekamp (Sporting Director)
Matthias Röben (Education and Personal Development in the Youth Academy)
Andreas Bath (Sporting Director U9-U13)
Sebastian Sommer (Head of Video and Game Analysis)
Martin Kempa (Sport Psychologist)

The Goalkeeper Coaches

Tobias Ritz
Alexander Kuschmann

The modern goalkeeper's game is becoming increasingly complex. It includes top-notch reflexes on the line, command of the penalty area, long and precise throws, as well as anticipating game situations, receiving, processing, and passing back with the foot. In many playing systems today, the goalkeeper is the first playmaker. At BVB's performance center, Tobias Ritz, Alexander Kuschmann, Simon Franck, and Michael Strzys are dedicated to preparing our goalkeeper talents for these challenges.

Die Scouts:

Kai Hünninghaus (Squad Planner U14/U15)
Matthias Schwesig (Technical Director of the Youth Academy)
Veli Pehlivan (Squad Planner U11 - U13)

If you want to nurture and develop talents, you first have to search for and find them. For Borussia Dortmund, Heiner Finke, Matthias Schwesig, and Veli Pehlivan are constantly on the move as talent scouts — or as we footballers say: scouts. Additionally, there are the squad planners for the various teams, as well as the regional scouts.

Athletic und coordination:

Oliver Schumbera (U19 Athletic coach)

Being skilled with the ball alone doesn't make someone a top footballer. It involves more — including fitness and coordination. Dr. Alexander Ulbricht, Oliver Schumbera, Paul Voß, Marvin Mainoo-Boakye, Martin Drobe, and Zjelko Bulajic ensure that our young talents are trained athletically and coordinatively to the best possible standard, appropriate to their age and development level.

The Physiotherapists

Laura Kemper (Physiotherapist)
Heiko Bias (Rehabilitation Coach U17-U19)
Jon Gewehr (Rehabilitation Coach U14-U16)
Sebastian Märker (Rehabilitation Coordination U17-U23 and Head Physiotherapist of the Youth Academy)

When there's a twinge after training; when players need to be gradually reintroduced to full intensity after injuries — but also to prevent such situations in the first place through proactive load management, our "physios" are on the job: Laura Kemper, Heiko Bias, Alexander Kristiment, Jon Gewehr, Leon Tönnes, Luca Schlüter, Sebastian Märker, and Jan Hürster make up the team with the healing hands.

Youth House, School & Social Affairs

Stefanie Scheibe
Birte Fischer und Felix Goldberg
Schul- und Stufenleitung
Köche des Jugendhauses
Julia Fischer und Ahmet Sengezer

The Shuttle Service


The talents playing top-level football at BVB come not only from Dortmund and the immediate surroundings but also from Sauerland and Münsterland, from South Westphalia, and other cities in the Ruhr area. To pick them up from school, bring them to training in Brackel, and take them back home in the evening, a fleet of over 30 drivers is constantly "on the road." Heinz Dzuba coordinates the operations of the club's shuttle service, which, when totaling all distances traveled, circumnavigates the globe multiple times each year.

The Groundskeeping Team


It is said that they literally hear the grass grow and know each blade by its family name. They are respectfully called the grass whisperers, about a dozen specialists who ensure that Borussia Dortmund's players find optimal conditions on the training fields in Brackel twelve months a year. Cow pastures suffice for kicking around, but those who want to play top-class football need top-class prepared fields.

Medical & Diagnostics

Club doctor Dr. Markus Braun, team doctor Dr. Jan Hoedemaker, youth team doctor Dr. Dirk Tintrup, as well as Dr. Ghani Hilal and Dr. Daniel Hirte.