Heinrich Czerkus run

Heinrich Czerkus Memorial Run

The run on Good Friday sends a strong signal for a peaceful and non-violent coexistence both inside and outside the stadium. In the spirit of its namesake, it takes a firm stand against right-wing extremism, racism, anti-Semitism, and all forms of discrimination.


The organizers reserve the right to exercise their property rights and deny access or exclude from the event individuals who belong to right-wing extremist parties or organizations, are associated with the right-wing extremist scene, or have previously made racist, nationalist, anti-Semitic, or other inhumane remarks.

Flyer for  Heinrich Czerkus Memorial run

Here you will find this year's call to action:

Here you can find the brochure 'Three Borussians in Resistance':

Here you can download the route of the run:

Information on the return journey from Bittermark to the stadium can be found here: