Matthias Röben bei der Aufnahme des BVB-Nachwuchspodcasts

Dortmunder Jungs - Borussia Dortmund Youth Podcast

The BVB Youth Podcast covers all topics related to the youth work of Borussia Dortmund. We introduce new coaches, discuss training methods, talk to parents, players, and delve into the historical moments of BVB's youth work.

Every two weeks, on Tuesdays, we release an episode featuring interviews with coaches, staff, players, parents, or fans. We aim to shed light on topics related to the Dortmund youth teams that may not typically receive attention and provide insights into the workings of the BVB youth system. What are the special requirements? How does one become a youth coach at BVB? What is life like in the youth house? These are just some of the questions we'll answer in this podcast.

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Episodes of Borussia Dortmund Youth Podcast

Episode 15: „Mensch ist Mensch!“ – BVB-U19-Spieler absolvieren soziale Praktika (Teil 2)
Episode 14: „Wer bin ich abseits des Fußballs?“ – U19-Spieler beginnen soziale Praktika
Episode 13: Bio-Banding
Episode 12: Julia Porath und Maximilian Diers
Episode 11: Tobias Ritz und Alexander Kuschmann
Episode 10: Sebastian Geppert
Episode 9: Otto Addo
Episode 8: Ingo Preuß
Episode 7: Andreas Bona und Holger Plexnies
Episode 6: Jan-Pascal Reckert
Episode 5: Marco Lehmann
Episode 4: Eddy Boekamp
Episode 3: Matthias Röben
Episode 2: Tim Kirk
Episode 1: Mike Tullberg