Stadium Tour at the SIGNAL IDUNA PARK

After-Work Tour of SIGNAL IDUNA PARK

Start your evening with friends, colleagues, or family at the world’s most beautiful stadium. Enjoy a 2.5-hour stadium tour with a chilled beer and let our passionate guides lead you through SIGNAL IDUNA PARK.

Book the After-Work Tour and get firsthand information about the stadium jail, player’s locker room, and the narrowest player's tunnel in the Bundeliga. Sit on the coach’s bench by the pitch and sing on the legendary South Stand.

End your tour with another Brinkhoff’s in the West Foyer. For those who need to drive, we also offer non-alcoholic beverages. Experience the intense atmosphere of Germany's largest football stadium!

Look forward to:

  • 150-minute stadium tour including guide
  • 2 drinks (beer or non-alcoholic)
  • The legendary South Stand "Yellow Wall"
  • The stadium jail and exclusive hospitality areas
  • The player’s locker room and find your favorite player’s spot
  • Walk through the Bundesliga’s narrowest player tunnel to the coach’s bench by the pitch with original entry music
  • Information about historic successes, SIGNAL IDUNA PARK, and extraordinary events from firsthand
  • The media center

This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

Please understand that due to events, matchday preparations, and U23 games, as well as construction or renovation measures, some areas may not be accessible on short notice. Additionally, please note that on the days before UEFA Champions League matchdays, private areas such as the locker room, mixed zone, and player tunnel cannot be visited.