BVB wish tree initiative

From 'Aktion Kinderwünsche' came the 'BVB Wish Tree'.

In the summer of 2022, the interAktion e.V. association handed over the popular Aktion Kinderwünsche to BVB. With the 'leuchte auf' foundation as its patron and the BVB Fan and Support Department, the initiative is now continued under the name BVB Wish Tree.

FAQ about the BVB Wish Tree

How does the BVB Wish Tree campaign work?

During the pre-Christmas period, citizens of Dortmund can fulfill a Christmas wish for an economically disadvantaged child. Children from selected institutions express a wish by creating a wish list. These wish lists are sent to volunteer patrons for verification to ensure that the wishes are feasible and that each gift reaches the right child.

The wish lists are displayed for a limited time at the Berswordt Hall at Friedensplatz and in BVB fan shops in Dortmund, Essen, and Oberhausen. Wish fulfillers can choose one or more wish lists, buy the gift(s), and drop them off, unwrapped and including an ID number, at various collection points by the deadline. The gifts are then registered, assigned, and wrapped by volunteers before being delivered to the various institutions shortly before Christmas.

When does the BVB Wish Tree campaign take place?

Christmas time 2024

Where do the wishes come from?

Institutions such as daycare centers, children's homes, mother-child facilities, and child and youth welfare services can apply for participation starting in the summer.

After the application phase, the still blank wish list forms are sent to the institutions and filled out by the children.

Who selects the institutions?

The organization team of the wish tree campaign, including members from the foundation and the Fan and Support Department, selects the institutions based on the submitted applications.

Who selects the children who participate in the campaign?

We rely on the professional competence of the caregivers in the institutions. They are familiar with the children's life situations and therefore they make the decision.

How much does it cost to fulfill a wish?

The value of a gift should not exceed approximately 30 euros.

Can used toys be gifted?

No, the children should only receive new and unused gifts.

What age groups are the participating children?

The children are between 0 and 12 years old.

Can personal messages or sweets be included with the gift?

Personal greetings, sweets, or other food items are unfortunately not allowed. The Wish Tree donation is made anonymously.

Can I support the BVB Wish Tree campaign from outside Dortmund?

If you are unable to purchase a gift yourself, you can also support the BVB Wish Tree campaign with a donation to the BVB foundation. In this case, indicate in the "Message" field that the donation is intended for the BVB Wish Tree campaign.

Where and when can I drop off gifts?

To be announced for the next campaign.

Can I send the gifts to BVB by mail?

No, that is unfortunately not possible.

What if the gift does not arrive on time or is not deliverable?

Unfortunately, all schedules are set so that late submissions are not possible.

Should I drop off the gift wrapped?

No, please drop off the gift unwrapped with the ID number written on the wish list at the drop-off locations. We check and wrap all gifts with many volunteers. The ID number allows us to assign the gift to the right child and is therefore essential. However, we would greatly appreciate a donation of wrapping paper or gift bags.

Is it enough if I write the child's name on the gift?

No, it is absolutely necessary for the proper processing and assignment of gifts to include the ID number on the gift.

My question wasn't covered. Where can I ask further questions?

If you have more questions, please ask at [email protected].