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Concept of Borussia Dortmund Youth Academy

The Educational Concept of Borussia Dortmund

Binding Guidelines for Youth Performance Footballers - Developing Personalities - Expanding Action Competencies

The core objective of Borussia Dortmund's football and education concept is, on one hand, the development of young players into professional footballers. However, within our holistic approach, the education of personalities equally occupies the center of our pedagogical and sporting actions.

Convinced that strong characters with outstanding individual skills are necessary to achieve success together, the club, with its youth academy and training philosophy, aims to make its unwavering contribution to the development of precisely these player personalities.

a) Personality of the Players

  • Joy of playing and creativity 
  • Leadership role for tactical automatisms within the team 
  • Control function for group dynamic processes within the team 
  • Player types based on individual strengths (positive reinforcement creates positive behavior) 
  • Player types with a great winning mentality (inspiring - motivating - building momentum)
  • Role model function for the team (punctuality - willingness to work - taking responsibility on and off the field)

b) Professionalism

  • Will to perform and discipline on and off the field 
  • Openness and ability for self-criticism 
  • Strengthening of personal, social, and emotional skills 
  • Professional handling of setbacks and solution-oriented thinking as well as action 
  • Internalized norms and values of consistent performance orientation

c) Everyday Competence & Life Perspective

  • Personalities with confident and exemplary demeanor 
  • Internalized social values and social competence 
  • Qualitatively sound academic/professional education 
  • High level of everyday competence

Structure - Security - Development

Behind this "pedagogical triad" lies the recognition that with a clear focus on the goals of:

a) Professional footballer and b) best possible school graduation

a systematic approach to life is indispensable. Purely needs-oriented thinking and actions make it difficult to achieve personal goals or even undermine them.

A goal-oriented daily structure provides the necessary orientation and at the same time, offers a reassuring framework for each of our youth footballers. This sense of security is essential when it comes to developing positively as both a personality and a footballer. On the other hand, it is important to establish a healthy balance, which allows players to build friendships alongside their sporting and academic/professional challenges, to develop their self-perception in dealing with peers, and/or to form emotional relationships. This includes cultural expressions and personal leisure activities.

With the content orientation of the youth academy, Borussia Dortmund brings its youth development concept to life. A reliable care setting is essential for the optimal development of our young players.

In place of the familiar family routine with:

  • its content and structural reference points, 
  • the emotional relationship with parents and family members, 
  • the familiar physical environment, 
  • the accustomed social milieu, school, friends, 
  • the linguistic and cultural expressions,

Now, Borussia Dortmund steps in with professional staff members who take on the task of each individual youth player

  • to provide a home for each player with their social skills, 
  • individual needs, 
  • moral attitudes towards life, 
  • academic skills and abilities, 
  • and linguistic resources. 

We define the framework necessary for them to have the opportunity to develop into professional footballers. Age-appropriate, transparent, and binding rules enable young footballers to quickly orient themselves in their new phase of life.

Structure - the compass for individual development

In designing the individual daily routine within the overall concept of an entire week, each player's personal weekly schedule plays a crucial role. This schedule reflects the demands placed on our talents:

  • Classes at the respective cooperation schools of BVB;
  • Football training (training sessions, matches, tournaments, team-specific activities);
  • Homework, study phases, work preparation, internships, extracurricular education;
  • Household chores and learning practical skills (cleanliness, upkeep of premises, assisting with cooking, taking on duties at the youth academy, doctor's appointments);
  • Active and creative leisure activities (movies, theater, "curiosity for new things," meeting friends, music).

The willingness to socialize and work as a team, mutual respect, tolerance, compromise, and communication based on language proficiency are cornerstones for individual development. Borussia Dortmund practices a consistent dual training strategy with the implementation of its educational concept. In addition to focusing on the education and development of professional footballers, achieving a successful (qualification-oriented) academic career with a high level of everyday action competence is a priority on the black and yellow training agenda.