BVB members' magazine BORUSSIA

The club magazine BORUSSIA is published at least ten times a year. Here you will find all the information and updates about your club. You can view the current and all past issues of the last 10 years via your member account.

What are the advantages of the “digital Borussia”?

BVB aims to live up to its social responsibility in a wide variety of areas. This applies not least to a sustainable approach to our environment. With 12 issues of around 100 pages, together we can make a considerable contribution to the economical use of paper. In addition, you will receive the digital Borussia on Thursday - wherever you are. The digital magazine can be accessed via an app on desktop PCs, Android and iOS devices. It not only contains the current issue for the match day, but you can also look back at all issues from the 2014/15 season in the archive.

How do I get the digital magazine instead of the print edition?

If you would like to receive your member magazine digitally instead of by post, you can register for the digital magazine at Of course, you can also switch from the printed to the digital edition during the season. 

Please be sure to use the e-mail address and password you have registered with us to log in to BVB. If you have forgotten your password, you can change it yourself simply by clicking on “Forgot your password?

If you do not have a BVB login, please send us an e-mail to [email protected] and provide the following information in addition to your request: Membership number, first name, surname, street, zip code, city, date of birth. Due to the large number of requests, processing may take up to four weeks in this case. 


How can you read the “digital Borussia”?

As a member of Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e.V., you can read the digital magazine on Android and iOS devices. Simply download the “BVB-Kiosk” app:

Here you will find a  a short guide

After starting the app, tap on the three small lines at the top right to open the menu and select “Activation code”. Please enter your membership number and your date of birth (without dots in the format DDMMYYYY) separated by a - (minus).

Example: Membership number 123456, date of birth 09.09.1909 results in the activation code 123456-09091909

Once you have successfully entered your activation code, all available issues of Borussia will be displayed. You can use your activation code for up to three devices. 

Here you will find brief instructions. 

No, you have the choice between the digital magazine and the postal edition.

Can I also change during the season?

Yes, you can also make or revise your choice during the season. As soon as you update your selection in the BVB login, you will usually receive the members' magazine in the desired manner on the next match day. As the mailing process starts one week before the match day, it is possible that you may receive a magazine once by post in the event of last-minute changes. Please be patient and make your decision as early as possible.

Does the digital Borussia cost anything?

No, as a BVB member you will of course receive the digital edition free of charge. Downloading the magazines via your mobile phone provider may incur costs due to data consumption. As each issue can be up to 100MB in size, we recommend downloading the magazines via a WLAN connection. Once the magazine has been saved on your device, you can access it at any time without further data consumption.

I would like to continue receiving Borussia by post, what do I have to do?

Then you don't have to do anything else, you will continue to receive Borussia by post as you did last season. If you would like to switch from the digital magazine back to the postal edition, simply change your details in your BVB login. Your access to the digital archive will then be deleted and you will receive “Borussia” by post again.

Can I use the digital Borussia on several devices?

Als Mitglied können Sie Ihren Freischaltcode auf bis zu drei Geräten gleichzeitig nutzen. Falls Sie eine Familienmitgliedschaft besitzen, kann der Freischaltcode des Hauptmitglieds auf bis zu drei Geräten und die Freischaltcodes jedes weiteren Mitglieds auf jeweils einem weiteren Gerät genutzt werden.